Clean Your Block

Clean Communities Matter 

Clean Your Block is a great way to take pride in your community! When people are engaged and actively care for their neighborhoods the impact begins to show…

A clean community signals and encourages litterers to dispose of their trash the right way. Less litter leads to increased property values, less chronic stress (yes, really!) and improved overall well-being. 

When neighbors get outside, get together, and get to work quality of life improves!

You can help! 

In April we organize these cleanups in neighborhoods that may not have the resources to organize it themselves. But you can have a clean your Block party any time of the year.  Get in touch to schedule one today!

Get Involved

Does your neighborhood want to organize a Clean Your Block party? We can help! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Talk to your neighborhood, HOA, or local group and find out who is interested and who the best point of contact will be. You will need a team leader to help us rally the neighborhood. 
  2. Send us an email or fill out the form below.  Include a potential dates that would work for you and your group.
  3. Work with KPB staff to find staging locations for volunteer check-In,  and make this event a party! Bring your own food, music and/or games! It’s your neighborhood, so let’s make it a great experience for you and your neighbors.
  4. We will set aside all of the gear and equipment you will need, we can even reserve a dumpster if you think we will need it! 


Get In Touch

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