Court-Ordered Community Service

Complete your community service requirement with Keep Pensacola Beautiful! 

We work with the Escambia County Court System for citizens to complete their volunteer hours.

Services Team
Services Team


To register, make an appointment by clicking on the button below, Monday through Friday from 1pm to 4 pm. Please bring all paperwork and prepare to pay a $35 registration fee.

Preparing for your work day:

-Wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty 

-Wear tennis shoes or work boots

-Bring a water bottle and snack

Once you’ve completed your required hours, we’ll provide you with a “proof of completion certificate.”

Services Team

Community Service FAQ

What days/times are CS service shifts? 

Shifts for community service are as follows:

Monday-Saturday from 7 am until 12 pm

Wednesday & Thursday from 7 am until 3 pm

Where / who should I report to for CS shifts?

CS workers should arrive at KPB office location (3500 Barrancas Ave.) no later than 15 minutes prior to shift start and report to the KPB supervisor. CS workers are responsible for checking in with KPB supervisors at the start of every shift. 

What items should I bring to a CS shift?

CS workers should bring a reusable water bottle to each shift. KPB supervisors will have water coolers on each truck but will not have cups available. 

What tasks will be completed during a CS shift?

Each shift includes but is not limited to the following tasks:

-Emptying trash barrels throughout Escambia County

-Picking up litter surrounding trash barrels

-Removal of food waste bags 

-Roadside litter 

How do I earn double hours?

CS workers could earn double hours for working special events (parades, festivals, etc.). CS workers must sign up for the special events PRIOR to the event. Special event sign-up sheets are located at the KPB office. Location and times will be provided upon sign-up. 

I have partially completed my required CS hours; can I get a copy of the hours I have completed? 

You may request a copy of your recorded hours from KPB office staff with 24-hour notice given. Hours form a shift completed the date you request your logged hours cannot be officially given. 

What happens when I complete all CS required hours?

Request a completion certificate from KPB office staff with at least 24 hours notice. You will receive a signed and sealed completion certificate to present to your CS handler, along with a duplicate copy for your records. 

General Event Expectations for Community Services Workers

Keep Pensacola Beautiful allows those individuals who are registered with us to complete court-ordered community service to participate in ‘Clean Team’ events. This is an opportunity to complete hours outside of regular shifts and participate in our double hours program. 

You will report to the Clean Team Manager or Team Lead at the designated meeting location at the designated time. Failure to arrive on time may result in ineligibility to work that shift. 

You will sign in at the beginning of the shift and out at the end of the shift with the Clean Team Manager or Team Lead. This is your timesheet. The sign in sheet will be turned in to the Executive Director at the end of each event. It may take up to 48 hours for the hours you completed at a special event to be counted towards your total required hours. 

You will check in with the Clean Team Manager or Team Lead at least once every hour and before taking a break. Breaks are limited to 15 minutes. Failure to check in with the Clean Team Manager or the Team Lead may result in you being signed out and hours exceeding the check in time not counted. 

Smoking is not allowed during a shift or on the event grounds. Smoking should be done off the event grounds and on breaks only. No cigarette butts will be littered while smoking on breaks.

You will look presentable while working at speical event and comply with the Keep Pensacola Beautiful event work dress code. This includes:

-A t-shirt or long-sleeved shift that you do not mind getting dirty or sweaty in with a safety vest (Safety vest will be provided by KPB)

-Pants or shorts with no rips

-Closed-toed shoes

-Reusable water bottle

-Sunscreen or other sun protection is recommended

You will act with courtesy to the public and be professional while representing Keep Pensacola Beautiful and the Clean Team.

You will perform proactive work and will work as a team to clean up assigned areas. 

Cleaning up public events can sometimes be hard work. You will be primarily hauling trash bags, picking up litter, and you will get sweaty and dirty. However, the reason you are here is because you have shown that you can maintain a positive attitude, even while performing hard work! Thank you!