Meet the 2020 Youth Advisory Council

2020 was the year of many firsts, among those is Keep Pensacola Beautiful’s FIRST Youth Advisory Council! These exceptional 10th-12th grade students will be working with KPB on a year-long community improvement project. Many exciting things in the works with these ladies!

I chose to join KPB's Youth Advisory Council because I have a fervent passion for environmental and marine science. My research includes writing an extended essay on the impact of seismic airguns on the ocean and seafloor. My CAS Project is aimed at upcycling scrap material into usable household products like cutting boards. I sell these and donate the proceeds to Manna.

Sydney Fisher, 11th Grade, Pensacola High School

I joined KPB's YAC to get involved with environmental community beautification and make a difference. I became passionate about the environment after learning about the high levels of pollution in our ecosystem. Being environmentally conscious is extremely important to me, and i am very happy to be involved in this group!

Gracie Osburn, 12th Grade, Pensacola High School

KPB's youth council is a great way to get involved in community improvement. I was inspired to join after realizing how much pollution is in our environment. This council will help me achieve my goal of pursuing a career in chemistry. Within this field, I hope to research and create more sustainable materials.

Mei Adcox, 12th Grade, Pensacola High School

I wanted to join Keep Pensacola Beautiful because I am passionate about the environment and keeping our beaches litter-free. My favorite subject in school is science, specifically genetics. I'm involved in multiple clubs around Pensacola, because volunteering for the betterment of our community is so important. Sader Surfers, my favorite club, goes to coastal areas to cleanup once a month!

Kaitlyn Allerellie, 11th Grade, Pensacola Catholic High School

My passion for local water health propelled me to join KPB's YAC. I lived in Hawaii for 8 years, where I discovered my love for environmental science and sustainability. I love to teach, and my first teaching experience was at the Hawaii Nature Center. In college, I hope to pursue a major in bioengineering.

Lauren Garrett, 12th Grade, Pensacola Catholic High School