Carver Community Center is at the heart of Century, Florida. This historic landmark serves a small community in a multitude of ways by providing a safe space for residents of all ages to learn, recreate, and congregate. Many long-term residents of Century have family members that attended school in this building.  

The Carver Community Center has gained national recognition through the efforts of Dr. Marilyn Robinson, the center’s director. In 2016, she was recognized by President Barrack Obama and received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her outstanding work. While Carver is an essential institution for those in Century, they do not receive much funding. Century, Florida has a population of roughly 1,800. The estimated income per capita is only $15,000. With an average household of 2.5 people, this falls just below the poverty line for the state. The Carver Community Center has one of the lowest budgets in Escambia County, yet is heavily used. Because of this financial deficit, the exterior of the building and surrounding area have seen years of wear and tear. With no funding to maintain the facilities or make needed repairs, the ‘To-Do’ list kept growing and has laid the groundwork for a massive restoration project. 

Once this project was underway, KPB realized the extent of work that needed to be done, not by volunteers but by professionals. KPB’s ultimate goal was to preserve the integrity of the building and realized that we needed to “pass the baton” to ensure that this project is done correctly. The town of Century is working to acquire funding to make the necessary improvements. These improvements will ensure the longevity of the building. We have contributed landscaping assistance, materials, labor and more throughout the length of our involvement. KPB is excited to see the project finalized through the hands of city officials and the Carver Community Center Association.