Bag Swap

Winner of Keep Florida Beautiful’s “2019 Outstanding Recycling Effort” Award 

What is Bag Swap?

During the month of April, trade in your plastic bags for one of KPB’s reusable tote bags! We set up a businesses around the community throughout the entire month, so pick a time and place that’s convenient for you!

Can’t make it to one of our events? Swing by our office anytime in the month of April and we will trade you then! 

Check out our Facebook Event page for Bag Swap events in 2021!

In 2020, we recycled over 2,000 bags at our socially distanced Bag Swap held throughout the month of July. 


Did you know that Americans use 160,000 bags plastic bags per second? Plastic bags are a huge source of litter. They take hundreds of years to breakdown and produce harmful microplastics that contaminate our water supply and endanger the health of both humans and wildlife. Plastic bags are easy to recycle! However, they can only be recycled a small number of times before the plastics’ quality degrades and cannot be reused. We hope to discourage the use of single-use plastics by providing you with a sustainable alternative: a canvas tote!

*Please note that Escambia Co. does not accept plastic bags in county issued recycling bins.

How can you help?

Bring us your bags, take the pledge to use less plastic and/or volunteer to help us with bag swap events! You can fill out an interest form by clicking the button below.

Have you seen our wire, free-standing letters by

Brownsville Ornamental Iron Works, Inc.?

We love them, THANK YOU!