DIY Seed Bombs

DIY Seed Bombs

Materials needed: 4 cups loose neutral-colored paper (preferably recycled) Water Natural Dye Material (see options below) Potting soil or compost Wildflower seeds native to your location (see options for Northwest Florida below) Powdered cinnamon or turmeric Directions for assembly: Add your natural dye to the water. Do one container of water for each color you want. Rip up your paper and put it in a bowl. Let it soak in the water for at least 30 minutes. Put your mixture in your blender and blend on high for about 20 seconds. Pour the blended mixture […]

Bag Swap Pledge

Ditching Plastic Bags

Plastic bags. They are inconvenient to live without, but they cause more problems for our world than you might have considered. First up, they are a major contributor to climate change as their production and break down release harmful greenhouse gases. They commonly cause wildlife injuries as they can easily float from habitat to habitat, where they can be mistake for food or shelter. One of the most alarming byproducts, is how easily they can end up in our waterways as microplastics, breaking down smaller and smaller until they are invisible to the human eye. At the rate of current production, plastic in our oceans will outweigh […]

KPB’s Girl Scout Patch

Keep Pensacola Beautiful’s Girl Scouts Patch  Keep Pensacola Beautiful has several opportunities for education, including a Girl Scout program that will allow each participant to leave with a brand-new patch! This article will outline what that event looked like. If your Girl Scout troop is interested in this education program, please contact or call us at 850-438-1178!  The overall goal for the Girl Scout meeting that took place at Keep Pensacola Beautiful’s (KPB) office in December of 2019 was to focus on the “use resources wisely” component of the Girl Scout Law and to send them home with a KPB patch. Each activity (3 in […]

DIY Compost Bin

Composting is a fun, interactive and exciting way to reduce your carbon footprint. Find out why and how to build your own below! What is composting? Well, it’s like recycling for food. Through this process any food scraps made from organic materials, such as fruits and vegetables, are broken down by microorganisms into soil called humus. This soil is nutrient-rich, perfect for growing produce. Benefits: Composting is a cyclical process that promotes a less wasteful lifestyle. There are many advantages to composting: Once your food straps are in a landfill, they breakdown VERY slowly. This snail-speed […]

Oyster Shell Recycling

Previous Next In 2011, Keep Pensacola Beautiful received a temporary grant from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Foundation that funded the Offer Your Shells To Enhance Restoration (OYSTER) initiative. This program worked to rehabilitate populations in the Escambia Bay area in partnership with local restaurants. Continue reading to learn more about this program and to be shucked (pun-intended) by the economic and ecological importance of these tasty bivalves.  Small Organism, Big Impact Oysters are a keystone species of coastal estuaries in southeast. The density and wellness of an oyster reef is inextricably linked to the […]

40 Trees for 40 Years

In 2019, Keep Pensacola Beautiful celebrated its 40th anniversary. In honor of this milestone, we planted 40 trees. These trees where adopted by members of our community and planted around the county. Trees provide an abundance resources and are an asset to the community!