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Originating in 1979, Waste in Place has taught many students and educators nation-wide the importance of litter prevention, recycling education, and community beautification. Waste in Place is a program designed for individuals who care about the community as well as the environment with emphasis on personal attitudes toward litter prevention and certain behavioral changes at school and home in order to create a cleaner and more beautiful community.

The goal of this program is to inform the next generation of the sources of municipal waste; the characteristics of this waste; how people, animals, and the environment can be affected by waste; and the various ways of handling waste. The activities are designed so that the students can acquire the knowledge, information, and skills they need to make responsible and informed decisions when practicing waste management. Each activity integrates a different school subject such as math, science, art, etc., to meet state standards.

Schedule a class period, and a KPB representative will come to your school with a fun and interactive activity. All supplies are provided by KPB. Here’s a list of some of our activities:

Pre-K - 2

– My Way to School: This activity covers Art, Drama, Language Arts, Music, and Social Studies.

Students will draw a map of what they see on their way to school, including any litter that they may see. After, the students will take a “litter walk” around the school and assess the litter, if any, that they collect.

– Partners in a Pile: Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies 

Students will work cooperatively to create a compost system by matching pictures or words for the ingredients needed to compost. Students will identify ingredients that should be included in making compost. This lesson lasts 15-45 minutes.

3-4 and 5-6

– Working Together: Language Arts and Social Studies

Students will be placed in 4 groups, and each group will act as one of the four things that make up a community. They are given a community dilemma in which they must cooperate with each other to achieve one goal. This activity is followed by the reading of “A Trashy Story.”

– What’s in My Community: Art, Drama, Language Arts, Music, and Social Studies.

Students will be asked to draw or cut out magazine pictures to create a map of their community. After a class discussion on where waste would go, the students look for trash/recycling bins in their drawing and add them to it.


– Good Character Habits: Drama and Social Studies

Students will be divided into groups. Each group will represent a type of litter bug through a skit that they create. The other students must guess what type of litter bug they are.

– Garbage Pizza: Art, Math, Social Studies

Students will construct a 3-D pie chart or “garbage pizza” representing the solid waste discarded in the U.S. Each slice will represent a different waste category.

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