Youth Advisory Council

9th - 12th Grade Students

This is an opportunity in Escambia County for high school students to participate in a service-learning and leadership development program. 10 members are given the opportunity to develop and coordinate their own beautification project within their school or community. They may also contribute to Keep Pensacola Beautiful’s programming, participate in training sessions, and visit local municipalities/businesses, while acting as ambassadors and leaders for youth service.

The Youth Council meets once a month from August to May. The term contract is for one year, but these can be extended upon request. Serving on the Youth Council also makes you eligible to serve on the Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council and/or the Keep America Beautiful Youth Council.

2021-2022 Council

YAC Kaitlyn

I wanted to join Keep Pensacola Beautiful because I am passionate about the environment and keeping our beaches litter-free. My favorite subject in school is science, specifically genetics. I'm involved in multiple clubs around Pensacola, because volunteering for the betterment of our community is so important. Sader Surfers, my favorite club, goes to coastal areas to cleanup once a month!

Kaitlyn A, 12th Grade Pensacola Catholic High School
YAC Vidhi

I joined KPB’s Youth Council because my love for the environment has recently flourished. I have always been passionate about the environment throughout my life but I thought that now that I’m in high school, I can do more for my community since I have the power to do that. I started helping out at Pensacola Mess Hall with volunteering and we saved a lot of paper and reused a bunch of stuff but I wanted more. I came to the Youth Council to see if I can help out anymore and have a bigger impact on Pensacola.

Vidhi P, 11th Grade Pensacola High School
YAC Madison

I decided to join the Youth Advisory Council at Keep Pensacola Beautiful after hearing about the project we get to do. I remember a couple years ago I worked on a beautification project and really enjoyed it. I'm glad I'm being given the opportunity to not only work on another community project with the others members, but be able to create one.

Madison T, 11th Grade Pensacola High School
YAC Estee

My love for Pensacola's environment inspired my interest in joining KPB's Youth Advisory Council. A few years ago, I got my SCUBA diving certification and through that, I have found a passion for wildlife and our local marine environment. I want to help make a real difference to better our natural environment and help the community, and the KPB YAC is the perfect way to do that. I am a senior at Pensacola Catholic, and I can't wait to be a part of such a beneficial organization for my last year of high school! In college, I hope to pursue a major in biology.

Estee D, 12th Pensacola Grade Catholic High School
YAC Asmi

I believe that as residents of this beautiful city, it is our job to nurture it and keep it this way. I am very passionate about helping make a difference in any way I can, and KPB's Youth Advisory Council is an amazing opportunity that would help me do exactly that. I am looking forward to working in a team and exploring different nature-friendly beautification ideas to uplift our community!

Asmi M, 10th Grade Pensacola High School
YAC Shiya

I am passionate about the environment and just seeing a change in the community. I am very interested in the science field and in college I hope to major in Biology. By joining KPB’s Youth Council, I want to make a difference in our community and make our city a better environment to live in. Taking on a new beautification project for our community and working with the people around me is something I am very excited about!

Shiya B, 10th Grade Pensacola High School

2021-2022 Fundraiser

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